Why We’re Plant-Based, Not Vegan

Blog 3 Plant Based

Why We’re Plant-Based, Not Vegan Here at Lucy Juicy, everything we make is free of animal products. Despite this, we don’t necessarily believe in calling ourselves “Vegan”. We prefer to call ourselves “Plant Based”, mostly because we’re for everyone and every diet! So no matter what your diet is – fully vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, or […]

Take Care Of Your Energy At Lucy Juicy

Blog 2 Meditation

Take Care Of Your Energy At Lucy Juicy Everyone’s got their own reasons for wanting to take care of themselves. We live by the philosophy that holistic healing methods are best. That’s why we offer so many fresh, healthy, and tasty options here in the cafe. We want you to feel revitalized and energized every […]

Lucy Juicy Composts!

Blog 1 Composting

Lucy Juicy Composts! Here at Lucy Juicy, our commitment to our community and the environment runs deep. We proudly compost just about every compostable that comes through our doors. Coffee grounds, fruit pulp, food waste, even our packaging, you name it! But what does that really mean, and (more importantly) how can you get involved? […]