Energy Room

Energy Therapy is a non-invasive form of self-care. 

We offer a full range of services from Reiki, IET, Shamanic healings, Readings, and Mentoring. Energy therapy works within your energetic field removing unwanted heavy energy and replaces that with light and positive light and intention. 

Energy Room Bed

Using simple trusted tools like Palo Santo, Sage, Essential Oils, Crystals, Sound, and most of all love. You will experience a clearer state of mind, pain can be lessened, traumas can be released, and the ability to move past things that hold us back from our best version of ourselves.

Shawna with healing crystals
Energy room art

Each experience is different, and everyone has their own special reasons for wanting to be better for themselves. The holistic way of healing is one of the many ways that people are looking to better themselves. Our health care system has failed so many people. This is a way for you to look towards alternative medicine to care for yourself. 

We are not medically trained professionals and you should always ask your health care professional if you have any medical conditions before you do any form of holistic therapy. Holistic therapy is not to replace your medical treatment, but to work hand and hand to promote healing. Healing can come in all shapes and forms, from physical, mental, and emotional. I have had many groundbreaking and amazing healing through reiki, finding my spirituality, and ultimately finding “Self-Love.”

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If you are interested but not sure what you want to do, a consultation is always free. Stop into Lucy Juicy to meet me “Shawna” or “Lindsey” my partner in the Energy Room with any questions or just to converse about anything related to our services. Coming from a place of hurt and self-destruction there is so much that energy therapy can help and heal. You must be open to healing and must know in your heart that you deserve better. Success is on the other side of fear.