Take Care Of Your Energy At Lucy Juicy

Everyone’s got their own reasons for wanting to take care of themselves. We live by the philosophy that holistic healing methods are best. That’s why we offer so many fresh, healthy, and tasty options here in the cafe. We want you to feel revitalized and energized every time you visit. It goes deeper than just food though. Today we’ll be exploring the Energy Room!

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In our energy room, we offer a full range of services. These include Reiki, IET, Shamanic Healings, Readings, and Mentoring. We facilitate your natural healing through time-tested tools like Palo Santo, essential oils, and crystals. All of these combine to leave you in a clearer state of mind, ready to better yourself and heal. However, this doesn’t answer the most important question, for the uninitiated, what is energy healing?


Holistic Healing


Energy healing is a holistic practice that operates on the principle that everything in the universe is made up of energy. By engaging with this energy, we can facilitate healing and restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. There are dozens of forms of energy healing practiced all over the world. Reiki, just to name one, is a healing technique from Japan that dates back to 1914. In practice, energy is manipulated through the hands of the practitioner. In this way, Reiki promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and stimulates the body’s natural healing processes.


It’s All Connected


Energy healing is all about the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. So often we find that trauma, pain, and illness manifest as a sort of heaviness on our energy. Left unchecked, this heaviness can affect us tremendously in our lives, leaving us drained and holding back our potential. By addressing this energy imbalance and replacing it with positive light, we promote healing and overall well being. Many individuals report experiencing profound benefits including reduced pain, improved mood, and enhanced vitality.


Come See For Yourself!


We’d love for you to come to our energy room and see the difference it makes for yourself! Please remember that we are not medically trained professionals. You should always ask your health care professional if you have any medical conditions before you do any form of holistic therapy. While some medical experts are skeptical of alternative healing methods, we strive to work hand and hand to promote healing.