Lucy Juicy Composts!

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Here at Lucy Juicy, our commitment to our community and the environment runs deep. We proudly compost just about every compostable that comes through our doors. Coffee grounds, fruit pulp, food waste, even our packaging, you name it! But what does that really mean, and (more importantly) how can you get involved?




Composting is the process of allowing bacteria and time to turn organic waste back into soil. Just like your body, soil is a living thing, and just like your body, you shouldn’t just put anything into it! Just like processed foods, plenty of modern products that should be compostable are loaded with chemicals. Not only can that soil make your plants sick, but it can even make you sick if you grow edible crops! For that reason, be careful to avoid just about any packaging of any kind in your home compost setup. Unless indicated otherwise, most paper products are no good. While this includes obvious ones like cardboard packaging, even tea bags are made of nylon which will never decompose. Those nylon tea bags also release microplastics into your tea, but that’s a topic for another blog! If you aren’t plant-based yourself, you shouldn’t compost meat either. This is less for the sake of your soil and more for your own sake. Meat attracts all kinds of pests and you probably don’t want raccoons rummaging around your garden!




That list might be a bit daunting for a first time composter, so here’s the easy part! What can you compost? Just about everything else! Lawn trimmings, leaves, and sticks are great starting points. Think about it, your trees pull up nutrients from the soil to make their leaves, then drop them in the winter. You’ll do your yard a huge favor by giving it those nutrients back! Wood can be a bit tricky though, you’ll want to make sure that the pieces are small so that they break down in a timely fashion. Wood ash from your backyard barbeques is an excellent addition, although coal ash is loaded with heavy metals and is out of the question. Treated wood or sawdust is also loaded with harmful chemicals. Be sure that you know the difference before you add it! Kitchen waste is another great place to turn. Eggshells and anything green that’s gone off is a valuable source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium.


Composting In Tight Spaces:


So you’ve heard of composting, you’re passionate about the environment, but space is limited. Fret not! All you have might be a small apartment and a community garden plot. Even still, a small breathable container is all it takes to turn your kitchen trash into garden treasure! Careful purchases are a big piece of the puzzle as well. That’s why Juicy Lucy always uses organic fruits and compostable packaging. It keeps those nasty chemicals out of what you eat and drink in the short term, and out of the soil in the long term! Remember that even if all you have is a window box for your flowers, you can help the environment too! All it takes is some planning and careful purchases.